Love's Closet Foundation, a nonprofit organization established in November 2016 to support early child care, healthcare and childhood development.

We organize two flagship events each year, these are the Love's Closet Charity Fair and the Greatness in Me Leadership School for Children.

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The 2021 Love's Closet Foundation Charity Project!!

Love's Closet Foundation is happy to officially announce the launch of the 2021 Love's Closet Foundation Charity Project.

This year, the Project seeks to support the Klicks Africa Foundation Early Intervention Center. Your generous donation through cash and logistical support will ensure that the children living with autism who use this facility get the best intervention to improve their socio-psychological well-being.

Stay tuned for more details about this year's Online Charity Project.

For more information on how you can sponsor, support or donate in cash or in kind, kindly Call/WhatsApp +233 24 607 5991 or 0269785870 or via email, lovesclosetfoundation@gmail.com

Please note that, all COVID-19 protocols would be strictly adhered to during this fundraising.





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There are lots of ways you can get involved with the Love’s Closet Foundation and help make a difference to the lives of children in Ghana. Your time is a great gift to donate to Love’s Closet Foundation and there are lots of fun and interesting ways you can get involved. Find out more and start making a difference today!

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We are always looking for volunteers across the country who have expertise various areas. Most importantly we are looking for volunteers with expertise in: children’s health, childcare and outreach support. Find out more and start making a difference today!

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